Welcome to WHEC

Women’s Health and Equality Consortium (WHEC) is a partnership of women’s charity organisations.

We work together and share common goals of health and equality for girls and women.

WHEC aims to ensure that health and social care policy reflects the real experiences and needs of girls and women.

WHEC pools the expertise and reach of member organisations to better inform and influence decision-makers and government.

WHEC works to improve the sustainability of the women’s and girls’ health and social care sector, and to strengthen women’s and girls’ capacity to engage with the health and social care systems.

WHEC wants to see appropriate and accessible and effective services for all women which ensure that they are safe from violence at home and in their wider community.


WHEC members are FORWARD UK, Imkaan, Maternity Action, Positively UK, Rape Crisis (England & Wales), Women’s Resource Centre (WRC).







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